The main theme for the IFBC is:

“New Forest Business Frontiers”

A greater demand for energy, volatility in the fossil fuel markets, climate change and increasing material resource scarcity are considered as the most significant sustainability megaforces shaping global economy, and forestry and wood industry markets over next 15 years. Together with unstable consumer demand, uncertain policies and indifference among regulators, forest and other sectors have never experienced such significant barriers to advancing sustainability and profitability.


A two-day International Forest Business Conference (IFBC) focuses on megatrends that shape responsible forest and wood industry investments for climate action. The conference aims to bring together leading forest management organizations (TIMOs), investors interested in forest assets and carbon offsets (e.g., net-zero companies, public and corporate pension funds, wealth managers and private banks, sovereign wealth funds, foundations and endowments), sustainable wood industry representatives, forestry-related software companies in order to exchange and share experiences and ideas about challenges and opportunities for forest sector as a natural climate solution. The IFBC also highlights the transformation of global businesses towards a low-carbon bioeconomy, discuss tensions between sustainability and cost competitiveness, and call attention to new green innovations. Read more about what you can expect from the IFBC HERE.


Networking opportunities will be in abundance, and the conference will offer a unique opportunity to meet CEOs and senior management of the most influential companies in the forest business industry. Attend this conference for in-depth discussions and analysis on forest investments as a financial asset class and natural climate solution.