Rafał Chudy has over 11 years of experience in forestry and forest industry businesses worldwide. As a Chief Forestry Officer at FOROS, Rafal manages a team of professionals with expertise in financial, biological, and geospatial modelling and day-to-day forest management skills. In this role, he is overseeing the development, implementation and maintenance of new and existing growth and yield models, harvest scheduling models, carbon models, and geospatial models for forestland and carbon investments and operations at the FOROS Green Invest platform. Rafal’s activities also focus on the coordination of economic and markets research needs and information flows across FOROS, as part of the development and execution of the annual corporate business agenda. 

Prior to this role, Rafal worked as a senior forestry consultant – evaluating more than EUR 1.5 billion of forest assets or as a forest economist for the U.S. and Australian TIMOs where he was responsible for ensuring that strong research and evidence-based insights underpin investment programs. In 2016, Rafal and his wife Karolina established a company – Forest Business Analytics (FBA) – that organizes biannually the International Forest Business Conference. In FBA, Rafal still oversees the development of the forest valuation department that is offering global forest appraisals and consultancy services. FBA’s global network allows the company to identify and analyze forest investment opportunities in the Asia-Pacific, Americas, Africa, and Europe, and help to raise capital for private-equity forest funds.

Rafal’s research has appeared in peer-reviewed journals and presentations at the international forest and natural resource economics conferences. He has a Master of Science (Forestry) degree from Warsaw University of Life Sciences, Master of Science (Forestry and Environmental Resources) from North Carolina State University, Master of Science (Forest Management) from Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, and a PhD in Forest Economics (specialising in Forest Sector Modelling) from Norwegian University of Life Sciences. Rafal also has a post-graduate diploma in Financial Controlling in Capital Markets Groups from Warsaw School of Economics.