John Foppert is a researcher in forest science, economics, and management, and a practicing professional forester. He is a doctoral candidate in economics at the TUM School of Management in Munich and a co-founder of Pekin Branch Forestry, a US-based consulting forestry firm that provides investment analysis and operational management from offices in New York and Vermont. Both as an academic and practitioner, he is a specialist in continuous-cover forestry systems and the management of premium-quality hardwood stands. His research focuses on improving financial modeling of high-value, ecologically-complex stands, on designing better investment vehicles to generate investor-aligned value production from those forests, and on quantifying the climate and biodiversity impacts of that approach.

John is a graduate of the University of Cambridge Judge Business School, the seven-university Erasmus Mundus Masters of European Forestry programme, and Paul Smith’s College, in New York. He is also currently a board advisor to climateseeds, and UK-based climate-focused startup accelerator, and he has previously worked in logging, wildland firefighting, carpentry, and agriculture.

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