FSC Forestry Coordinator in Poland

Mr Szymaniak has over 36 years of experience in forest management, landscaping services and forestry certification. He was working as range forester and forest manager in Bogdaniec and Kliniska Forest Districts respectively at the National Forest Holding “State Forests” in Poland. Mr Szymaniak completed Forestry Management Course, organized by Sparsholt College in Winchester (England), and Planning – Economy – Environment course, organized by Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences in Skinnskatterberg (Sweden). Since 2003 he is a member of International Society of Cultivation and Protection of Trees, and Polish Dendrology Society.

He holds a MSc in forestry from Warsaw University of Life Sciences (WULS), and postgraduate diplomas in Forest Economy in Environment Planning from WULS, Landscape Architecture, and Management of Landscape from West Pomeranian University of Technology Szczecin.

Mr Szymaniak interests focus on literature, and history of relocations after Second World War.


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