Fred Cubbage is Professor, Department of Forestry and Environmental Resources, North Carolina State University (  He has co-authored more than 400 research papers and 500 speeches on analysis of global timber investments, natural resource policy, market based conservation programs and sustainability certification, and agroforestry; and teaches natural resource policy and forest economics.  He was a Service Forester in Kentucky for 2 years; a professor at Georgia for 10 years; an economist and Research Work Unit Project Leader with the Forest Service for 5 years; Department Head at NC State for 10 years; and now is a professor at NC State, for 13 more years.  He received undergraduate and graduate degrees at Iowa State University and the University of Minnesota, respectively.  Fred just published a new book on Natural Resource Policy with coauthors Jay O’Laughlin and Nils Peterson (2017), released by Waveland Press. He is currently the President of the Society of American Foresters for 2017.

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