Andreas graduated in Forest Engineering and M.Sc Forest and Wood Science from the Technical University of Munich. He is an expert in forestry and agroforestry in tropical and subtropical regions as well as for the afforestation of arid areas and desert land.

Within FORLIANCE he is responsible for the management of forestry and agroforestry projects with practical experience in project conduction in Latin America, the Caribbean, South-East-Asia, and the MENA region. His special expertise also lies within carbon forestry, silviculture and cocoa-agroforestry projects.

Andreas Schnall is a leading expert in developing forest management plans and implementing certification processes, such as carbon certifications, FSC, GS certifications, among others. He has also been certified as “FSC Lead Auditor for CoC and FM” in 2012. Furthermore, he is in charge of implementing public- private partnership projects, feasibility studies and publicly co-founded projects. Andreas is leading the processes of project development and implementations for integrated, sustainable supply chain concepts within the forestry and agroforestry sector. Outstanding projects are, for example, the development of the large- scale, mechanized cocoa cultivation project in the Dominican Republic where he has guided the whole project from the first feasibility assessment, through business plan developments, technical and legal project due diligence, up to the first stages of on-site operations and plantings of cocoa and shade trees.