International Project Director, Shandong Sun Paper

Andrzej Bednarski is the International Project Director for Shandong Sun Paper, China’s largest privately-owned pulp & paper producer. Since 2012, he has managed the import woodchip department, which has increased woodchip import volume from 1.6 million MT per year to 5.5 million MT per year. He manages all aspects of the supply chain, including ocean logistics for 100+ bulk carrier shipments annually, China port, FSC compliance, quality control, China Customs and Quarantine, and coordination with 6 production lines.

In addition to overseeing the import woodchip department, he is also the International Project Director for Sun Paper’s international investments in the pulp and forestry sector. He was Vice President of Sun Bio Materials, a greenfield pulp mill investment in Southern USA, from 2015-2020. He has conducted feasibility studies and project evaluations for Southern China, Thailand, Laos, Malaysia, USA, Canada, Australia, Brazil, Finland, Spain, and South Africa.

Andrzej earned his BA from the University of Notre Dame and his law degree from Empire College School of Law.