Managing Director, Forstpan

Cristian Panaite is a Managing Director at Forstpan, a company which provides consulting services for wood trade business, including: aquisition strategies, budget planning and legal advisory , timber harvesting management and personal training.

Cristian believes in sustainable forestry as a result of a thoughtful management, analyse and observation. His experience in wood purchasing and harvesting operations but also in business strategies makes him a connoisseur of Romanian wood harvesting reallity and challenges they face on the way to a durable forest management. His experienced is based on activity in main multinational companies present on Romanian wood market in different positions , from junior buyer to wood purchase manager.

He continued as an antrepreneur , by founding and developing his own company. During the way, he enriched his knowledge by attending an impresive number of national and international educational courses, like International Forest Engineering Summer School and Business Drive- mini MBA course.

Holds a Bachelor Degree in Forestry and a master Degree in Business Administration.


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