Mr Rørå is Managing Director of the NORSKOG Group

Mr Rørå has more than 25 years of experience as a forester and manager. He was responsible for the national forest inventory of Norway, and has represented Norway in several international programs related to forest inventory and monitoring of effects on forest from airborne pollution. Mr Rørå has during the last 20 years worked with organizational development and industrial policy in Norway as well as internationally. Mr Rørå is involved in several companies as a member of the board of directors in the forest sector. As chairman of the board for a Norwegian owned forest company he has been responsible for building up one of the largest private owned forest companies in the Baltic States. The task of the company is to buy, develop, and manage forest land. He is also member of the board for NORTEAK, a company who establish and manage teak plantations in Nicaragua. Mr Rørå is chairman of the board for The Norwegian Timber Trade Company, which annually trade about 1,7 million m3 of timber between forest owners in Norway and industry in Norway and internationally. He has been working as a consultant within timber trade and development of systems for timber trading.

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