Albrecht von Ruffer is a Biologist and technology entrepreneur with over 20 years’ experience in developing and applying new technologies in environmental markets.

He founded SKYLAB in 2016 to maximise the benefits of remote sensing and drone data to the forestry sector. He and his team of foresters, data scientists and geomatic engineers develop cutting-edge algorithms and machine learning tools to provide high precision aerial data analysis for forest and plantation inventories, from seedling through to harvest planning. Precision forestry maps enable clients to maximise productivity and yields while significantly reducing costs.

Previously Albrecht founded and managed nserve, specialising in climate change related emission reduction projects under the Kyoto Protocol. His company implemented and managed 30 projects in the chemical industry, from Korea to Colombia and from Finland to South Africa, reducing a total of 30m tonnes of CO2 equivalent emissions.

He started his career working for Siemens and later for Allianz Insurance Group. As an active seed investor he was involved in activities from drone hardware development to artificial wave-riding technology, and once even part-owned a sandwich store.

During his career Albrecht has lived in Berlin, London, Tokyo and Los Angeles, before settling in Hamburg, where he lives with his wife and four kids. When he’s not developing new business ideas, he enjoys surfing, running and skiing.

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