Founder and general manager, Silvanus Group & Hungaroplant Ltd. 

Mr. Németh graduated in Hungary as Forestry Engineer in 1970.
He is the founder and general manager of Silvanus Group (established in 1980) and Hungaroplant Ltd. (established in 1998).
The main activities of the companies are trade and sale of ornamental trees, they have partners in almost every European country.
Mr. Németh is a breeder of ornamental and fast growing forestry tree varieties (Robinia, Salix).
The Forestry Department of Hungaroplant Ltd. is working on trade, research projects and further technology development of industrial wood plantations with the new varieties. The global industrial wood demand is increasing, therefore the company’s objective is to provide new tree varieties for land owners to produce more, higher quality hardwood in a shorter time.
Mr. Németh was leader researcher of several projects developing generative and vegetative propagation and production technology of fast growing Black Locust varieties.